We offer One-to-One Spanish classes online at convenient schedules, Monday through Friday.  Schedule:  From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (local time). Online Spanish classes on weekends are also available upon request.  As you may know, Ecuadorian time is -5 hours GTM.  Same hour throughout all the year, no DST (Daylight Saving Time) is applied in Ecuador.  We recommend at least 2 hours of lessons every day, Monday to Friday or at least 3 times a week.


When students start one to one online lessons with us, teacher will first evaluate their level in oral way to determine their Spanish knowledge, then teacher will work out a specific study plan for them, depending on their goals, specific needs and length of their course. Our courses are designed for all Spanish levels. It doesn’t matter if students are complete beginners or need to perfect the language, this type of courses are good for everyone.

Each hour of classes is 55 minutes long. Lessons are very fun and motivating at the
same time!  So students do not have to worry about becoming tired by studying
through their computer.  [online_spanish_cont_2] They only need a skype account, web camera, speakers / headset, a good internet connection and a lot of energy! That’s it!   We will give them the specific Amazonas skype account for their online classes as soon as they join us.