The Pacific Ocean welcomes you to this beautiful natural region. You will enjoy our beautiful beaches and its surroundings while studying Spanish.

Enjoy this tropical paradise and make your visit to the coast an unforgettable experience of learning and pleasure.


Our Spanish program on the Coast has been developed to allow our students the possibility to continue improving their Spanish and enjoy the beauty of this sunny and wonderful area of our country.

It is located in the Machalilla National Park, province of Manabi, 450 km. Northwest  of Quito. This is an ideal combination of classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Our activities include a visit to the beautiful "Isla de la Plata" very popular because of its similarities with the famous Galapagos Islands. Wildlife includes nesting colonies of waved albatross, frigates and three different booby species. We also offer visits to the magnificent beach of Los Frailes, Montañita beach (famous because surf), small villages and very interesting archeological sites.