"Hill San Cristobal" Scenic Sunset Ride

Come and enjoy with us a beautiful Sunset on Santiago`s San Christobal.

Spectacular views and the best Mote con Huesillo (Chilean National Drink) and stunning landscaped Gardens are waiting for you. 

Technical Information:

Technical Level 1
Physical Level 2
Duration 5 hrs
Vertical Drop 300 m
Type Scenic Ride
Season / Month All Year
No. Clients Max/Min 2 /5
Location Santiago - Providencia
Equipment Jamis Mountain Bike, Helmet, Gloves


We meet at 3:30pm at the office of EcoChile.Adventure in Galvarin Gallardo 1638, Providencia.

After a warm up and instruction of gear and bikes, we start our ride along Santiagos network of bike paths towards hill San Christobal. Climbing up along the paved road we pass the Japanese Gardens and the beautiful public pool "Tupahuen". Depending on the visiblity we can enjoy views of the stunning Andes Mountains with the highest peak around Santiago, the plomo with 5424m.
On top we have waiting one of Santiago`s best "Mote con Huesillo" which is a sweet - refreshing Chilean drink (non alcoholic). We have some free time to explore the Virgin Mary and extraordinary views over Santiago.

On our way down we stop at the Botanical Gardens. After a little cocktail and a wonder around we head back down to the entry of the park and back to the office of EcoChile to end the day and stretch down the efforts of the bike ride.

Thanks your EcoChile.Adventure Team


Additional Information

GEAR Mountain Bike Scenic Ride
Jamis Mountain Bike Bike Helmet Gloves
Mountain Bike Level - Technical 1
Level 1 - Beginner Play any kind of sport occasionally without pushing yourself.
Mountain Bike Level - Physical 2
Level 2 - Intermediate Practicing sports at least one time a week and resist physical activity for at least 2 hours.


A SantiagoB Way to riverC Way to riverD Way to riverE Way to riverF Reach RiverG Along RiverH Along RiverI Along RiverJ Entry ParkK UphillL Japanese GardensM UphillN Botanical GardensO UphillP Lookout Virgin Mary

Itinery "Hill San Christobal" Scenic Sunset Ride 



estimated time

15:30:00 Meeting / Getting together 0:30:00
16:00:00 Preparation/instruction/stretching 0:30:00
16:30:00 Ride to Hill 0:30:00
17:00:00 Uphill 1st Part 0:15:00
17:15:00 Visit Japanese Gardens 0:15:00
17:30:00 Uphill 2nd Part 0:20:00
17:50:00 Top of Hill, Mote con Huesillo, Outlook, Virgin Mary 0:45:00
18:35:00 Downhill 1st Part 0:10:00
18:45:00 Visit Botanical Gardens 0:30:00
19:15:00 Ride down and back to EcoChile office 0:45:00
20:00:00 Finish of the tour