"Skydive" with breathtaking views

Come and enjoy with us the thrilling adventure of a Skydive with magnificent views of the Pacific ocean on one side and the Andes Mountains on the other side.

A truly unforgettable experience is waiting for you. 



We pick you up from your hotel between 14:30-15:00pm and take an hour drive out of Santiago along the Autopista del Sol. Reaching the Aerodomo we do all the safety instructions and get to know the premises. After filling out the paperwork we chill out, waiting forour jump to take place.
This tandem jump has definitely a unique panorama, on one side you see the Pacific ocean and on the other you find the massive Andes Mountains. Climb on a plane up to 13,000 feet (4,000 m.), stand in the door of the airplane, look down and jump! This will be something you `llnever forget. Jump with a certified instructor who is taking care about everything and your only responsibility is to enjoy every second.
The memory is fragile, for that you have the option to take a cameraman with you and stay with the best memory of your life. Safety and fun 100% guaranteed."

Optional original Chilean BBQ







Thank you EcoChile.Adventures Team


Additional Information

Mountain Bike Level - Physical 1


Itinery "Skydive" Andes


hour activity estimated time
15:00:00 Meeting / Getting together 0:30:00
15:30:00 Drive to the Aerodome 1:00:00
16:30:00 Preparation/instruction/stretching 0:30:00
17:00:00 Instruction / Papers / Preparation 1:00:00
18:00:00 Flight up to 13000 ft 0:30:00
18:30:00 Skydive 0:10:00
18:40:00 Arrive back and get together 0:45:00
19:25:00 Drive back to town / meeting point 1:00:00
20:25:00 Finish of the tour