10:30am Paintball Game 400balls inc.

10:30am start time, up to 3hrs in our 12 game woodland paintball site at Inveraray, Argyll. Open all year except Xmas and New Years Day.

Uniform, semi auto paintball marker and 400 paintballs are included in the this package. There is a special offer of a further 400 paintballs for an additional £20 per player during check out of this package. Extra balls at £8 per 100 and smoke bombs at £5 can be purchsed on the day. We need a minium of four players per game and have a maxium of 22 players onsite. If you have less than four players please feel free to join another booked game here online but please do not start a new game with less than four players unless you have arranged for other players to sign up for the same game here online. Games will only proceed with four or more players. All players must be over 12 years of age and good pair of shoes or boots is recomended. We have an afternoon and evening game option at our website also. If you have any difficulties booking please call 01499 302611.