(HK08) HIKING Boquete

Saturday: After a good sleep in this inspiring mountainous region, this morning we make our final trek around the north slopes of Volcan Baru, Panama's only volcano, eventually arriving in Boquete at around (XX) in the afternoon.

Lunch ????????

Whilst you and your companions will be walking this last leg of the trek, your luggage will travel by our shuttle to Boquete and be there waiting for you at the end of the day.

Stay overnight ????????

Sunday morning, we have plenty of free time in Boquete to soak up the charming atmosphere here, before we say farewell (also to Chiriqui and the volcano), and fly back in the afternoon to Panama City.

About Boquete

Less than 1 hour from Panama's second city, David, the hub of richly agricultural Chiriqui province (bordering Costa Rica to the west) lies Boquete. Away from the hot and humid coastal regions where oil-palm, rice and banana plantations are the order of the day, high up in the cooler regions, Boquete is arguably Panama's jewel, for all it's infamy of lush green location, coffee plantations and blossoming eco-tourism, to name just a few of its attractions. It's easy to see why a growing number of people, from Panama itself as well as those from Canada, United States and Europe are coming to invest in a new lifestyle...


Boquete (meaning 'gap' or 'opening') was formally founded in 1911 from a collection of smaller settlements, and first appears in the history books when early gold-diggers used it as a shorter route to the Pacific. Later, farm settlers appeared around the 19th century.

What Goes On..?

The town itself (of about 20,000 population) has grown up mostly along the west bank of the Caldera River, with a charming bridge and formal flower gardens making a beautiful setting. Indeed the town is well know for its annual Orchid Fair (March) and the main Flower and Coffee Festival held in the last 2 weeks of January. Boquete coffee is arguably among the world's best and is therefore the life-blood of the town and culture here. Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival each March is highly rated, and there is a thriving Theatre Group also.

Scenically, one can never escape the views of Volcan Baru, Panama's highest peak to the west, and only volcano. Flowing south through the town, the Caldera River also passes through the valley and cliffs as it makes it way south eventually silling out into the Pacific Ocean.