(HK05) HIKING El Valle

Wednesday: Having arrived yesterday from Campana National Park, we're now more familiar with our routines and today we hike to the popular 'India Dormida" or 'Sleeping Indian Girl" mountain, so named because the mountain's profile resembles a young indigenous girl lying on her side.

After a good lunch (today at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) we take out shuttle bus on to Santa Fe in the afternoon...

A little about El Valle Anton

Once a crater lake, this quiet village became home to indigenous people from the surrounding mountains who have now been here for several thousand years.

"La Piedra Pintada" (Painted Rock) is a testament to El Valle's pre-Columbian culture. These undeciphered petroglyphs lie below the crater formation "La India Dormida" (The Sleeping Indian Girl) which is on our itinerary to hike, and take in the sweeping view of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. 

El Valle is a popular visit especially at weekends where people come from all over Panama and overseas come to enjoy the town's famous arts and crafts market, where locals and also many Guna Yala Indians offer their colorful goods. It's also simply a great place to relax in the special micro-climate with its cloud forest and exotic animals and plants.

As well as a number of great restaurants and cafes nowadays, there's a zoo "El Nispero", the Orchid Center and the Butterfly Haven.