1 Day Extended Team Building Program ( Jebel Sifah Resort )

The program will be conducted to be a break from the regular work schedules which can bring enormous change and uplift the spirit of the team members. The objective is to get the team members closer by boosting their morale, which in turn can bring enormous change in the organization’s overall development. With our outbound training or even we can call it fun team bonding program which will be conducted in Jebel Sifah Resort with its marvelous facilities and beach. With its perfect fusion at Oman Sea, this resort is an idyllic destination that can easily rejuvenate your team members. With myriad list of fun and team building activities, we will make a delightful getaway to hinder the anxieties and stresses of hectic work schedules. In short, we will kaleidoscopic to beat all the hassles of corporate life and breathe in new life into your team members.In order to boost up the fun and excitement, we will start with energizer and ice breaker activities which will enable every one involvement and enjoyments. The whole session could be made to revolve around themes. If possible adventure activities like Trekking, Rappelling, Sailing, Fishing and Climbing will add more fun and enthrallment to the day.


Team will be gathered together at 8:45am in Bander Al Rowdha Marina, Our journey will begin at around 9:00 am, where speed boats will take us for dolphin watch and to continue our way to Jebel Sifah Resort where we probably we arrive around 10:30am. A scrumptious breakfast will follow our arrival at the resort; post breakfast, the group will assemble at the activity zone. The trip manager will brief the team about the activities and will divide the group into smaller teams. Once done with the briefing and team division, the manager will set the various themes and will embark the beginning of a fun-filled day.

We will take a break for Lunch - fresh serve and fresh live grill will be available - and Pray from 12:30pm to 13:30pm. Post lunch, we will continue with the remaining team bonding activities and fun activities. After that we will start the beach activities and water sports at around 14:30pm until 16:30pm where will take a coffee break with some delicious snakes or sweets and will end our day with giving prizes and making memorable team photos. At 17:00 pm we will depart back to Bander Al Rowdha Marina where everyone can relax and enjoy the view of Oman coast at sundown.