24- 27 April 2017, Masar Ibrahim, Spring- Southern Part

The Masar Ibrahim al Khalil offers travelers the rare opportunity to go beyond the headlines and the stereotypes, to get away from the ordinary Holy Land tours, and to explore for themselves the remarkable landscape, hospitable people and compelling historical sites of Palestine. The Masar (‘The Path’) provides a chance for visitors to be welcomed into ordinary Palestinian homes; to share traditional homemade meals and listen to stories of traditions and customs; and to learn about the daily lives, concerns, and hopes of the people. Palestine is an extraordinary land. Take the first step to walk the Masar, and you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a life-enhancing experience. 


More information: http://masaribrahim.ps/en/





Day One:
From Artas to Tequa

Start from Solomon’s Pools and walk down to the village of Artas. Continue walking south from Artas to the village of Tequa.

Overnight with local families in the village.


Total walking time: 5 hours

Terrain: footpaths and dirt roads

Overnight: homestay in Tequa


Day Two:
Down Wadi Jihar to the deserts of Rashaydeh

Leave the village on foot, descending into the spectacular Wadi Jihar. Emerge from the valley at the village of Rashaydeh, and spend the night with a Bedouin family.


Total walking time: 6 hours

Terrain: rocky desert path

Overnight: homestay with Bedouin family in Rashaydeh


Day Three: 

Desert sunrise in Rashaydeh and hike to Bani Naim

Hike up to Bani Naim. Reach the orchards and fields of Bani Naim in the evening and be welcomed as guests of local families.


Total walking time: 7 hours

Terrain: rocky desert path, some asphalt; mostly uphill

Overnight: homestay with local family in Masafer Bani Naim


Day Four: 
Bani Naim and Hebron (Al Khalil)

Hike to Beni Naim, an ancient sanctuary in the southern hills of Palestine.  From here, walk the final few kilometers to Hebron (known in Arabic as Al Khalil).

Transfer by vehicle to Bethlehem.


Total walking time: 5 hours

Terrain: paths through orchards and fields, some asphalt when entering Hebron