5. St. Petersburg 1-Day Shared Minibus Tour "Royal Palaces"

Board your motor coach for a narrated drive to the suburbs of St. Petersburg to see the Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof


Board your motor coach for a narrated drive to the suburbs of St. Petersburg: to the south to see the Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) and to the West to Peterhof, passing Stalin-era buildings, modern apartment houses and dachas (country houses). This comprehensive full day tour gives you a unique opportunity to admire the most splendid Palace and Park ensembles of the 18th century that belonged to the Russian tsars.
Catherine Palace – Designed by Rastrelli, the ornate Baroque Palace is over 1,000 feet long and features an ornate blue facade. Gold onion-shaped domes crown the palace’s North end- the site of the chapel. Your tour visits the White Vestibule, Grand Hall, the Amber Room, the Portrait Hall, the Crimson Pilaster Room and more.
Alternatively, you will visit the Palace of Paul (Pavlovsk), another masterpiece of the 18 c. located nearby (10 min. drive). The ensemble’s fame rests on the splendor of its interiors and great art collection as well as on the beauty of one of the largest landscape parks in Europe. Admire elegant rooms of the Emperor Paul I and charming, rather than grand, rooms of his wife Maria.
Peterhof Park – Travel to another former summer Imperial residence. Set in magnificent parks, Peterhof is reminiscent of Versailles. It was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis in World War II, but has been restored to its full splendor. The parks are dotted with countless fountains, charming pavilions and summer houses. The diversity of fountains in the park is surprising. From monumental ensembles like the Samson Cascade to the ever popular Joke Fountains, including one which sprays anyone who steps on a particular paving stone.
Take a Metro (Underground) ride. The stations are worth seeing for their beautifully decorative interiors. Many are adorned with crystal chandeliers, marble vestibules and beautiful frescoes. 
If the weather permits we provide a complimentary Hydrofoil trip to/ from Peterhof. The hydrofoil is a safe and fast boat which rises above the surface of the water. The trip takes 30 minutes.
Be kindly noticed:
  • Hydrofoil is provided complimentary, if the weather permits
  • An order of the sights may vary

Important information:
Tour De Force is one of a few Russian companies in St. Petersburg authorized by the city government (in accordance with immigration laws) to arrange services for cruise passengers who do not have Russian visas. You will not need a Russian visa if your stay in St. Petersburg is no longer than 3 days and you book tours through an appropriately licensed company like ours. All you will need to do is provide your passport details at least 5 days before you travel. The details required are as follows: Full Passenger's Name, Date of Birthday, Passport Number, Start Date and End Date of Passport and Nationality.

Cancellation policy:
At any time an Administration Fee of $30 per person will apply for cancellations for your reason. In addition, the company reserves the right to charge 5% of the total cost in relation to bank charges. Less than 15 days before a tour, you will be charged 10% of the cost of your tour. Less than 3 days, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the tour. Cost of theatre, train and airline tickets is not refundable. If you cancel your Private booking while other members of your party remain on the tour you will be refunded the difference in cost based on the revised numbers. This change  should be communicated to the company in writing and not later than 7 days prior the tour date.