Dark Paris Tour 2016

Welcome to Dark Paris is a nighttime walking tour, book (available on Amazon.com) and printed map exploring “The Darkside of the City of Lights.”  

As thousands of students, business people, tourists, musicians and artists go about their days, little do they know they walk through and past thousands of spirits who haunt the many parks, buildings and streets.

We are the original “Paris Ghost Tour,” founded in 2008 by Father Sebastiaan, impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, paranormal investigator, steam punk and authority vampire mysteries.   He created Dark Paris after trying searching for research on his book Dark Paris.

With over 6000 years of history, Paris has its origins in a superstitious Celtic tribe known as the Parisii.   Yet the modern French of today are "too rational to believe in ghosts" and we aim at re-discovering the masses of psychic energy, hauntings and myths which are layered up over the millennia.

Originally called Mysteries of Paris: Vampire and Ghost Tour we rebranded in 2016 to reflect a simpler and darker experience for our lovers of the darkside of Paris. 


The tour departs promptly 9pm (21h) at the Charlemagne Statue infront of Cathedral Notre Dame sharp. Ask for the Paris Ghost Tour with our storyteller.  Our walk is 90 minutes (more if the energy is high and the group and storyteller are in the spirit for an encoure story) and ends in Fountaine des Innocents near Les Halles.