1. Base Package

5 days/ 4 nights accommodation in cottages with the use of a traditional wood burning sauna. Transfers to and from the airport (approx. 1 hour) are included plus a welcoming ceremony on the first night. On arrival in Ivalo we will take you to the supermarket to gather supplies for the week’s meals. There is a small shop on site of the accommodation which offers basic groceries, toiletries, alcohol and souvenirs. A restaurant and pub are also on site for those who don’t enjoy cooking or who just want to “wet their whistle”. 

Dependant on your selection of activities you can either relax in your apartment or in the surrounding area. A “grill hut” is available for use at any time where you can relax around the fire or cook yourself something tasty. Also available at any time is the traditional wood burning sauna which is the perfect way to rejuvenate, put your feet up and sweat out your worries. A must if you want to experience the Finnish culture. 

Every evening we will go searching for the Northern Lights. Dependant on the weather we may get in the car and drive to get away from possible cloud cover or if the sky is clear we have multiple options for an unforgettable light show in the nature of Lapland. If we don’t take the car then we will always build a fire to keep you warm. Every trip is unique; it is just dependant on the weather conditions and the willingness to endure the cold. 

Cross-country skis, ice skates and snow shoes are available for rental for a self-guided trip through the wilderness. Maps, instruction and tips are provided with every rental. If requested one of us can accompany you on these extra excursions when available. 

Winter overalls, boots and gloves are provided. Flights are not included.