1-2 hour NYC Central Park Sightseeing Pedicab Tour


Tour Code : CP1HP    


Our Pedicab Central Park tours are offered every day of the year and are a wonderful way to experience the wonder of Central Park in comfort. 

These tours are especially appealing for older people and young children who can’t walk for long distances. 

In addition, their shorter time span makes it a better option for sightseers who prefer a shorter tour.

Children on the tour must be at least eight years old and under eleven.


Tour Price In USD  ( up to 3 people) 

1 hour Central Park Pedicab Tour=$85  (up to 3 people)

2 hour Central Park Pedicab Tour=$160  (up to 3 people)


Tour Availability 

 Available: Daily ( 365 days a year)



 1 hour / 2 hours


Operating Hours 



Departure and Return Details

56 West 56th Street New York, NY 10019




What is the Pedicab tour like?

A Pedicab tour Central Park located offers a unique and exciting perspective of this monumental architectural landmark. The Park is widely accepted as one of the most popular historical landmarks within the United States. It can easily take more than a day to explore all that the park has to offer including monuments, fountains, sculptures, bridges, and ponds.

Some people shy away from a Central Park tour because of the park’s large size. This is why a Pedicab Central Park tour is a much more relaxing way to experience the park without excessive walking. Older people who cannot ride a bike or walk for long distances can explore the park with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment. Riding in a pedicab is also a fantastic way for families who want to ride together to explore the wonders and enchantment of this lovely park embedded in the center of Manhattan. As an added bonus, a pedicab ride is friendly for the environment.

Pedicab rides are an ideal way to take in the beauty of Central Park while offering 360 degree views in comfort and relaxation. There are blankets available for cooler weather as well as canopies that are perfect for shielding passengers from the sun’s glare. Your Pedicab Central Park Tour will stop at designated rest stops which is an ideal time to take pictures and experience the real Central Park.

One of the advantages to booking a pedicab tour Central Park located is that you receive a delightful multidimensional educational experience by being able to learn about and view the park at the same time. Groups of friends and families can anticipate learning about the history and design of the park as well as enjoying the scenery at a casual and relaxing pace. Our professional pedicab driver will give you an interesting and engaging tour with many unique attractions, and information about movie scene locations and distinguished landmarks.

Pedicab Central Park tours are one hour in duration. Let our guides exceed your expectation as your experience all that the beauty of the park offers along the way.


Why choose Our Tour ?

• Central Park Pedicab tour guides are professionally licensed and multilingual.

• Our pedicab tours keep everyone in one place and are an affordable way to explore the park.

• Our group discount applies when you add additional members.

• One pedicab tour guide is provided for each group of 1 to 3 people. This allows for a personalized experience where we can answer all your questions about the park.

• We have scheduled stops at the most interesting points in the park to give you a chance to walk around and take pictures.
• Our tour guides demonstrate sincerity and integrity on all tours.

• Pedicab Central Park tours can take between 1 to 2 hours depending on your preference and cover almost 2 miles of park grounds.

• The tour can accommodate any size group and can also be extended to include any neighborhood in Manhattan.

Please send an email for custom tour requests or feel free to give us a call for the best offer.

Pedicab Central Park Tours:

• Operate Daily 365 days a year
• Departure Point: 56 West 56th Street New York, NY 10019
• Duration: One or two hours approximately
• Starts: 10AM
• Ends: 9PM


• Summer/Fall – In warm weather, dress lightly, wear sunblock and bring comfortable clothing
• Winter/Spring – In cooler weather, wear layered clothing to ensure comfort.