- Orange Umbrella - Viva's Ghent: Free Walking Tour English

On our tour we share with you dirty secrets, urban legends, hidden mysteries of the city, combined with fun facts of Belgium throughout history, and some things we find important for you awesome travelers to know about.

Among the places we'll be visiting you can find:

Saint Bavo's Cathedral

Belfry of Ghent


The Saint Nicholas Church


The Saint Michael's Bridge

Guilt Houses

Gravensteen Castle

The Friday Market

City's Town Hall


And more…

But wait! We will also share the info that you really want to know while you visit Ghent, like where to find:

The best fries

The cheapest food

The cheapest souvenirs

All the museums

The best beer at the cheapes price possible!

And more...

Forget about that dull guide you had on that tour in a museum or with school! Our guides are the best that will happen to your stay in Ghent! They are young travelers like yourself, with such an energetic enthusiasm for their city that you want to bring them with you in your lugagge!