(Day 1) Get acquainted with the Old-Young-Lady

Day one: A day in the Ancient Rome

Aim of this Tour is to give you an idea, as complete as possible, of what the life of a Roman through different centuries could have been. Rome had a secret: it’s the first time in human History that a population develops the idea of being no longer just a city, or a Federation of cities like in Greece, but: a nation, a common Res Publica, a State with the same currency, the same laws, the same language! This idea later will be continued by the Catholic Church…

Meeting and starting point: Piazza Venezia, right outside the Antico Caffè Castellino. From Piazza Venezia we’ll head to the Capitoline Hill of Rome: best view over the Roman Forum!
From the Circus Maximus we are going to see  the Palatine Hill where the very early huts of the time of Romulus and Remus (8th c. b.c.) were located,  the Theatre of Marcellus, the Tiberine Island, the Mouth of Truth, the Temples of Portunus and of Hercules.

The visit will continue with a walk along the more or less 10-centuries-old remainings of the Roman Forum: this is where most of the ancient Romans spent large part of their time: praying, betting, buying and selling, trying to know the future from the fortune tellers, electing their leaders, playing chess etc. etc. The Forum saw some 200 years of Rome as a monarchy, (7th to 5th c. b.c.), followed by five centuries of Rome as a Republic till the beginning of the Imperial time with Augustus (27 b.c. – 14 a.d.). Then some five other centuries of expansion and later decline.

Best remaining example of the pick of the Roman power is the Coloseum where we are going to try to imagine gladiators and wild animals fightings (not christians martyrdom that…yes, believe it or not…never occurred here…!)

Walking (15 minutes) or by public bus we then will reach the place where all Romans liked to go to relax, do some sport and meet other people for public relations: the Baths of Caracalla (entrance fee around 6,00 euro)

Such kind of Tour cannot finish anywhere else then the Pantheon, best preserved Roman Temple of all pagan Gods, later transfrmed in a christian church.

Cost of this Tour: flat rate of 150,00 euro for maximum 4 guests. No entrance fees, no meals, no transportation included.


The tour will start at Piazza Venezia, right outside the Antico Caffè Castellino and end at the Pantheon, best preserved Roman Temple of all pagan Gods. The tour will last approximately 3 to 4 hours.