(Day 2) Get acquainted with the Old-Young-Lady

Day two: Medieval and spiritual Rome.

Last Emperor of the western Roman Empire ”Romulus Augustulus” was dismissed by barbarians in the 5th c. a.c.: this is the beginning of what we call: Middle Ages, the Ages between the fall of the western Roman Empire and Renaissance.

During that time Rome became a kind of “ghost-city”: from one and a half million people down to 20/25 thousand! Most of the city was abandoned and became a wild country-side: where once upon a time the roman troops celebrated their triumphal marches now you could see only cows, sheeps and wild animals like wolfs and bears. Noble and/or powerful families used the still standing ruins as their own private fortresses, in a never-ending war against the other powerful families: most of them leaved in high towers protected by their private army. One of the main achievement was to have a cardinal or a Pope in the family: that would help to expand its power and reachness in the ethernal competion against the other families.

Cost of this Tour: flat rate of 150,00 euro for maximum 4 guests. No entrance fees, no meals, no transportation included.


We are going to explore the remainings of those times: Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Prassede and Santa Pudenziana with their beautiful bizantine mosaics, the medieval areas of Trastevere and of Campo Marzio trying to visualize the economical and artistical changes that occurred during those centuries: from the Fifth to the 14 c. a.d.when also in Rome the Renaissance began and represents the other end of the middle-ages. From that time Castel Sant’Angelo became a fortress property of the Papacy and several times has been used to save the life of Popes and Cardinals. On top of the Gianicolo Hill artists of diffrent kind (painters, poets, writers etc) used to meet in a wood that they named: the "Arcadia".