02 Venetian hidden Roman origins - RB11

This full day tour is suggested to people interested in Roman history. You will go along one of the two main Roman counselor roads, Via Annia. Built in 131 b.C. (? or 153? or 128?)  by Praetor Titus Annius Rufo, it started from Adria and reached Aquileia along the North-East Italian coast.

You will visit Altino and its National Archeological Museum, built inside a huge archeological area.  During the way, we will visit the ruins a Roman bridges situated in the country land in Ceggia; then Iulia Concordia, now Concordia Sagittaria, important Roman colony founded in 42 b.C., which is considered to be the second biggest early Christian center after Aquileia.  

The last stop will be Aquileia, which is called “Northern Pompei” for the quantity and quality of Roman ruins. There you will have the opportunity to visit the impressive 750 sq.m floor mosaics of the Patriarchal Basilica, the biggest in the Occident.



A MiraB Quarto d'AltinoC CeggiaD Concordia SagittariaE AquileiaF Mira

  • 09:00  Departure from your hotel for a comfortable journey with our minivan to reach Altino.
  • 09:30  Arrival at the National Archeological Museum of Altino e visit the Roman ruins.
  • 10:30  Departure to Ceggia to visit the Roman bridge ruins.
  • 11:45  Departure to Concordia Sagittaria to visit the Roman ruins and short visit of the centre.
  • 13:00  Light lunch
  • 14:00  Departure to Aquileia.
  • 15:00  Visit to Aquileia Roman ruins
  • 17:30  Departure to your hotel