1Day Bali Rafting and Funs Games Package

    After breakfast at hotel, participant will be picked u and headed to the village of Beng tendril juice. where they will beadventurous as far as 10km across the Ayung River. during the trip participant will pass waterfalls. rice terrace and the steep valley that will add to your rafting adventures and more. Certainly in the snacks with funs games with phases as follows


01 Breafing Phase
Arriving at the Start Point of the participants will be given a breafing by the instructure rafting on the formation of teams and creating slogans squad, and then explained about the rafting route. how to use the rafting equipment, stage games, and the rules, rules that will be given from the instructure at the time doing activities rafting.
02 River Games
A. Finding Flag
Each participant was assigned to find the flag in accordance with the ungrouped numbers, this flag will be placed on various points on both sides of river. Participant are not allowed to take the flag from the other group. this flag should be brought up to the finish line.
B. Looking for “Something”
Participant were assigned to find “Something” in accordance with the ungrouped numbers. “something” must be brought to the finish is intact (no damage). are not allowed to use a tool such as plastic, cloth or a dry bag from the guides. Tools that may be used only comes from nature.
C. Slalom Boat
Participant are required through the gate/ gate that had been prepared. Red gate pass from the downstream to upstream, while the greem gate pass from upstream to downstream. If a participant does not go throgh the gates/ touching the gate/ fall time doing slalom participants will be charged penalty by th supervisor. Each gate through which the acquisition will add points for the participants.
D. Boat Racing
Participants will do the race with other teams, where the instructor/ guide should not be involved directing the stream toward the boat. So the team members who will appoint on of his team members to be holders of boat control. Each team winning the bias of the race session.

E. Final Challenge
Towards the finish point [there will be a sign], for all participants of the team must turn the boat and then turn it back again like normal position and the participant must be in one boat till finsh line. then all the members of the team must lift the boat up to the appointed place. And this is the last session of all rafting activities and fun games.