2 day, Geirangerfjord Kayak Adventure - off the beaten path

Experience the most famous fjord of Norway, off the beaten path, on this 2 day Geirangerfjord kayak trip. 


Day 1: Kayaking to the Seven Sisters

At 10.30 (am): Meet your guide and the rest of your group in Hellesylt in the morning. Get to know each other and the gear as you go through the paddling and tour routine. We teach you how to pack your kayak for the trip, after which the tour will depart. The first 1 or 2 hours are spend calmly paddling while enjoying the scenery. Your lunch will be somewhere along the fjord, before continuing past the famous Suitor and Seven Sisters waterfalls. You then make your way to a farm where you will have a 30 to 45 minute steep hike to a camping spot in the wilderness for the night. Gather firewood for a campfire and the adventurous can take a shower under a nearby waterfall. Tonight you get to enjoy the calmness in the Geirangerfjord when everyone else has left.

Day 2: Breakfast with a view

After a good night’s sleep, you spend the morning washing yourself in the river, preparing a campfire breakfast, and enjoying the magnificent view. If you are lucky you might even spot a porpoise blowing air while breaking the surface of the fjord. After breakfast, pack up, hike back to your kayak and leave the Suitor and Seven Sisters waterfalls behind. After a few hours of enjoying the scenery, you make landfall at the waterfront for lunch. You start leisurely making your way back. You will be back in Hellesylt between 16.00 (4pm) and 18.00 (6pm)

What to bring

There are a couple of things you really don’t want to forget to bring on this kayaking trip to the Geirangerfjord

  • Sleeping bag, if you do not rent one

We made a detailed packing list for this multi day kayaking trip.