6 day, Fjord Kayaking Trip Norway

Experience this transitional journey as you kayak the fjords from the coastal Ålesund to the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Geirangerfjord on this 6 day expedition.


Day 1: the start of your Norway kayak adventure

At 10 in the morning, you will meet the guide and the rest of your expedition team at the waterfront near Ålesund. Here you will go through paddling and expedition routines. After everyone is ready to go, the group will depart to paddle in the Ellingsoyfjorden. You will make landfall at an island in the Ellingsøyfjord around 4 to 5 hours of paddling, where the group will set up camp and spend the night.

Day 2: A new landscape and farm visit

In the morning, paddle towards Skodje under a big bridge and through the coastal fjord landscape before you depart from Skodjevika and make your way to the Solnørbay. After passing through the canals, you arrive at the Storfjord, which is a completely different, large fjord, but nonetheless showcases the beauty Norway has to offer.

In the afternoon, the group will arrive at Ytste Skotet, a steep cliff with a farm on top. The hike is 30 minutes, ascending 250 meters (820ft) up to the farm, which is a historical and cultural highlight. Tonight, this will be your camping ground, and if you are lucky, the group might be allowed to sleep in the storehouse and eat your meal inside. A very nice and cozy place where you will get the feeling of what life in the 19th century was like. If you have never taken a bath or shower in a Nordic waterfall, here is your chance.

Day 3: Kayaking to Stranda

You spend a little more time at the beautiful Ytste Skotet, getting the full experience of what life in Norway was like 100 years ago. Afterwards, you take a 4 hour trip across the fjord to Storoya. At this old trading post the group will make camp, or if the weather is bad, you might continue to another farm or even Stranda, depending on the situation. If you spend the night in Stranda, you might have access to hot showers.


Day 4: On top of Åkernes

Today you leave early for a long day spent on the water. After lunching on a terrace at the beach, there is an opportunity to do some shopping. Afterwards, you make your way into the Sunnylvsfjord, arriving at Åkernes, a cape that is expected to fall into the sea one day. The kayaking portion on this day is long but stunningly beautiful. You stay at a mountain farm on Åkernes, where you might get to pick some very tasty cherries. Spend the evening around the campfire, enjoying the stunning view of the fjord while you might hear deer searching for food in the forest behind you.


Day 5: Kayak in the Geirangerfjord

At last, you paddle our way into the world famous Geirangerfjord, the natural climax of this kayak expedition. Surrounded by the narrow, towering rock faces of this UNESCO World Heritage Listed fjord you will feel humble. After every corner there is a new surprise shaped by nature. By the end of the day the group will go on land and hike 45 minutes up to the 300 meters (985 ft) viewpoint which will surely be the best view of the week. Make camp in a forest, where you have a stunning view of the Seven Sisters Waterfall.

Day 6: The end of the journey

After enjoying your breakfast with a view of the fjord below, descent back to the shore, where you leave the Brides Veil, Seven Sisters, and Suitor waterfalls behind as you make your way to the town of Geiranger, arriving there early in the afternoon, around 15.00 (3 pm) where your kayak expedition comes to an end.


What to bring:
There are a couple of things you really don’t want to forget to bring on this kayaking expedition. We made a detailed packing list for this multi day kayaking trip.